Hibiki 21 Year Old Mount Fuji Limited Edition 700ml


Being at the top of your game means everything when you face foes of iconic nature and a throng of fans ready to devour you with either raving praise or scalding reviews. For Suntory’s Hibiki 21 year old Mount Fuji Limited Edition blended whiskey, we’d have to say there is not wit of fear when it comes to being just that. This award winning liquor, named the World’s Best Blended Whiskey in 2013 will have you clamoring from the highest peaks of flavor and excellence. As if slicing into the hewn rocks and crevices of Mt. Fuji itself, the scent collapses into you with beautiful hits of bright citrus, lemon rinds, and sweet vanilla over hills of toffee candy and newly crushed almonds. The flavor shifts from peak to peak with layers of young oak over sweet orange and plum preserves. A touch of vintage leather splashed with coconut milk soon follows for a silky, creaming mouth-feel. The finish is full of toffee fading into a sunset of malted cereal and exotic coconut shavings.

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Hibiki 21 Year Old Mount Fuji Limited Edition 700ml: About the brand

Hibiki is a meticulous blend of the finest malt and grain whiskies carefully selected from three Suntory distilleries: Yamazaki (Japan’s first distillery), Hakushu (the mountain forest distillery), the Chita distillery (where grain whiskies are produced). Suntory artisans perfect this harmonious blend to create a full symphony of delicate flavours and blossoming aromas. This award winning Suntory Hibiki 21 limited edition was released in 2015 with only 2,000 bottles being made. The gift box and bottle have Mt. Fuji drawn in austere black and white colours, with Japanese plum, pine and bamboo painted on its skirts, symbolizing happiness and good fortune. This 21 year old whisky resonates with the subtleties of nature infused by the twenty-four seasons of Japan’s traditional calendar and reflected in the twenty-four facets of its bottle’s design. Deeply aromatic, quintessentially Japanese, and aesthetically appealing, the design perfectly captures the spirit of the “Hibiki“. Nose: Sweet, caramalised nuts, some lemon acidity, blackcurrants and pears with vanilla, dark toffee and rich sherry spice. Palate: Oak, dark cherry and sweet caramel notes, buttery with a wisp of smoke and some wood spice.
Finish: Long, with a hint of smoke.

4 reviews for Hibiki 21 Year Old Mount Fuji Limited Edition 700ml

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    Shipped on time received on time. I have purchased from them twice and never been disappointed with their service.

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    Had what I wanted at a good price and delivered it quickly. What more can you ask for?

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    Hard to locate products are easily acquired. Prices and shipping costs are reasonable. I’m very satisfied with the products and services.

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    I just recently ordered a product and needed the help of the Customer Service Department. They promise 24/7 care & YES They Live Up To This Statement. Customer service was quick, knowledgeable, kept me in the loop and followed through to solve this issue. “PEOPLE” this Business is the REAL DEAL!! I will be a customer for life.

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