BLANTON’S Takara Red Edition Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml


The essential collection for connoisseurs of Blanton’s Japanese editions, Blanton’s Japanese Vertical Collection combines some of the acclaimed distiller’s most sought after export-only bottles, such as the acclaimed ‘Black Label’ Single Barrel Bourbon and the ever-elusive ‘Takara Red’ Edition. A rare opportunity to own this exquisitely crafted collection, the bundle contains one bottle of each of the abovementioned varieties, released exclusively in export markets outside of the US.

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BLANTON’S Takara Red Edition Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml: About the brand
Established in 1984, Blanton’s bourbon is an icon of Kentucky whiskey, famed for producing the world’s first commercially sold single barrel bourbon. The Blanton’s brand was founded by Elmer T. Lee, drawing inspiration from his apprenticeship in the 1940’s with Colonel B. Blanton, who would individually select the finest ‘honey barrels’ from the center of his Warehouse H to supply the highest quality bourbon whiskeys to dignitaries and VIP guests. Today, Blanton’s bourbon is produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery, which boasts a diverse range of expertly curated premium Kentucky whiskeys. The most premium single barrels are produced under the Blanton’s name, using the ‘High Rye’ mashbill, believed to be in the 12-15% rye range. Tailored for collectors and connoisseurs of the finest and rarest spirits, Blanton’s bourbon is not just known for its acclaimed Original Single Barrel offering. The core lineup includes the refined elegance and subtlety of the 80-proof Green Label Special Reserve, the premium sophistication of the 103 proof Gold Edition, and the punchy potency of the cask strength SFTB ‘Straight from the Barrel’, bottled at upwards of 125 proof. Renowned for the quality and complexity of its whiskey, Blanton’s also produces a number of highly-limited and collectible single barrels which have elevated the brand’s status globally. From the hyper-rare M&P Festival Polish Special Editions to the bespoke excellence of La Maison du Whisky’s handpicked selections, Blanton’s bourbon is a powerhouse of modern Kentucky whiskey, and its unmistakable decanters are coveted the world over. Having won countless awards over the years for outstanding bourbon craftsmanship (including numerous double gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition), it’s no wonder that countless bourbon fanatics have found themselves collecting all 8 horse stoppers in order to spell out BLANTON’S.
Produced exclusively for the Japanese export market at 93 proof, Blanton’s Takara Red Edition Single Barrel is one of the most elusive, hard-to-find bourbon whiskeys in the world. Striking a similar resemblance to the Original Single Barrel, the Takara Red Edition undergoes an 8-year minimum aged barrel selection process (as opposed to the standard 6), which produces a more complex, robust, and refined tasting experience. No collection is complete without this stunningly rare statement piece and is an absolute essential for any serious fan of Blanton’s.


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